Warmly welcome for Mr.Naresh K Pagidimarry visited Lohas Hospital on Sep.18th ~20th


Welcome, Mr.Naresh K Pagidimarry from India society which called Barat Academy of Spine Endoscopy (BASE) visit Lohas Hospital in person to discuss the 1st. India-Taiwan Winter Conference on Spine Endoscopy. 

During the three-days visited Lohas hospital and Kaohsiung city that truly impress him and looking forward to cooperating with Lohas hospital in near future. 

In addition, he and Dr. Yang both agreed with the aim of the 1st. India-Taiwan Winter Conference on Spine Endoscopy would bring together mainly those who have contributed over a period of years to this subject. 

The points of this conference are threefold. 
First, it should provide a forum for the exchange of information between participants in this interdisciplinary meeting. 
Second, it should provide an opportunity to establish and renew personal relationships between participants. 
And finally, it should stimulate the interest and ambition of participants from all over the world to cooperate in their efforts. 
Take the opportunity, inspire each other and create a brighter future on Medical techniques.

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